Happy Diwali enjoy Saawariya on this Diwali !

* The festive season, plus the importance of two super-biggies being released

the same Friday is the reason why the competition between Saawariya and Om

Shanti Om is so hot.

* Saawariya, which loosely translates as 'the beloved', is a typical Sanjay Leela

Bhansali-cum-Bollywood movie. It has the usual masala and song and dance

sequences that differentiate it from films of the rest of the world. However, there is

a difference here – the movie is produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, which

also produces Hollywood films. This is the first time that the American studio has

taken up an Indian venture.

* Sony Pictures is marketing the movie Saawariya and it will be releasing 1200

prints in India. Saawariya is coming with newcomers and audience is just quizzed

about what the new faces will offer.

* The positive point with Saawariya is that the huge sets, Indian ness and the

grand presentation by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Devdas is still in memories of most of

the audience and audience of all age group and people from small cities watched the

movie Devdas whereas Main Hoon Na wasn’t popular with all age groups and small

towns in India.